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We are the best pest control & fumigation company in Randburg that offers turnkey pest control services to residents in and around Johannesburg.

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Pest Control Randburg Specialist Services

Get expert pest control assistance in Randburg area. JT Fumigators provide the best pest control services. We carefully inspect your property and directly treat areas where pests live and breed. As a result, your job will be completed swiftly and professionally. In addition to that, our great service come at the greatest value.

All pest control procedures are performed discreetly, safely and of course professionally. Our reputation for reliability and great customer service will assure your complete satisfaction because we care about clients’ satisfaction and we are also dedicated to providing outstanding pest control service for our clients.

Find commercial pest management and residential pest control services companies in Randburg who can assist you to eliminate pests harmful to one’s health. We are a customer focused South African pest control services and management company in Johannesburg. 


JT fumigators are a trusted eco-friendly Pest Control & Hygiene Services company in Randburg, South Africa. We offer safe, certified, colourless, odourless pest control services and our products are safe for children, people and animals and no-one needs to be out of the home or building during treatments.

We service all areas in Ranburg from Johannesburg Cresta and pest control Northcliff Suburbs, bug bed bite control Farndale Bromhog, Pest control in Blairgoerie, pest controls near me in Craidhall park

We pride ourselves on our fast, efficient and effective service.

We ensure a safe, hygienic, pest free work and home environment. We focus on the prevention, control and eradication of all pest in South Africa by using environmentally friendly products which are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Act36 of 1947.

JT Fumigators is family owned and operated, ensuring all aspects of the work performed are carried out to perfection. All our technicians are registered by the Department of Agriculture and have the expertise and experience to resolve any pest or hygiene problem that may arise at your residential, commercial or industrial property.

While we focus on eradicating your pest problem, we will also recommend implementing an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program, where both the client and jtfumigators are involved with creating a safe and healthier environment to prevent and eradicate any pest infestations.

Not all pest or hygiene problems are identical so we at JT fumigators will customize an individual solution to resolve your pest control or hygiene problem. There are many different aspects to take into account such as:

  • how long the problem has been evident,
  • establishing where the pest are entering from
  • Their main harborage sites
  • The environment pest are being treated
  • Preventing future infestations

Our technicians have the required knowledge and experience to treat and eradicate all common pest such as:












Our Pest control services Covers


Get rid of your coacroaches by our specialist that work tirelessly 24/7

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Rodent / Mouse Control

Rodents are a the most common pest and can be annoying because of their reproduction. Our pest Control team can eliminate this problem permanantly.

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Ant Control

Ants are located all over the world and are destructive to food and property. Request an appointment today to protect your property from ants.

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Flies Control

Flies are the most common house pest. They breed very fast and are the carriers of deadly germs like bacteria and viruses. We love to get rid of them!

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JT Fumigators has been developing the most comprehensive termite treatment and termite removal solutions to protect your home and business

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Bed Bugs

A bed bug treatment plan by jt fumigators Pest Control will ensure that you are not a spreader of these awful, prevalent pests.

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Flea Control

If you have or want to prevent fleas you only have one option, call professional flea control professional like jt fumigators Pest Control right now.

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Other Pests

There is more pests that damege your property or damage your health. Get in touch and describe your pests so we can assistg you.

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Fumigation Services Randburg

JT Fumigators offers the full spectrum of fumigation services in Randburg so our clients can rest assured of a speedy response and completion of the job with minimum tenting time but with maximum effect achieved safely.

Use our fumigation and pest management services to protect your home and business commodities and minimise risks.

Because of this we now provide fumigation services Randburg and prevention reports to 1000’s of businesses involved at every stage of the food life cycle. The extensive knowledge and training provided to each of our pest control experts is the key to our success. We know that by understanding the biology and lifecycle of each potential pest, our technicians are able to protect your business and eliminate the cause of your problems with confidence. Tent Fumigation in Randburg Structural fumigation techniques differ from building to building, but in houses a rubber or plastic tent is often placed over the entire house while the pesticides are being released into the vacant residence. Get rid of Bug beds,How to get of Cockroach we do fumigation of flies jtfumigation is a leading companing in pest controls and bug bed bite. Call us today Kill cockroaches. Tenting This process is called tent fumigation or “tenting”. The sealed tent concentrates the poisonous gases and prevents them from escaping into the neighbourhood. The process can take up to a week depending on the fumigant used, which is in turn dependent on the severity of infestation and size of the building Sealed Fumigation Sealing the structure properly before fumigation in Ranburg is the law otherwise the gas will escape and pose life threatening danger to people animals and the environment. Call fumigation services in Randburg and will take care of all you pest problems. Various materials are used example: plastic sheeting, pipe tape, masking tape and duct tape are used for sealing up airblocks, door gaps plumbing etc. Call us Today best fumigation in Ferndale.

Cleaning Services Randburg

JT Fumigators & Cleaning Services South Africa, also specialise in commercial cleaning and office cleaning across Johannesburg.

We offer a huge range of house cleaning services, including: Mopping. Vacuuming. Dusting. Sweeping. Kitchen cleaning. Bathroom/toilet cleaning. Oven cleaning. Mirrors/walls cleaning.

Because of this we now provide cleaning services in Randburg and prevention reports to 1000’s of businesses involved at every stage of the food life cycle. CONTRACT CLEANING JT Cleaning commitment to quality means that we provide you with the cleaning services that you demand in order to maintain your premises in the way that you require. The strategy of JT cleaning is to take account of developments in the commercial cleaning services industry and to structure a business that best services the needs of its clients. The emphasis is to create a tailor made cleaning services solution to the client’s needs utilizing the comprehensive range of services in the JT Cleaning stable. Significantly the relationship does not end here. The dynamic team at JT Cleaning strives to build long lasting relationships with all our loyal clients. Equipment, chemicals and consumables are carefully selected from reliable and reputable suppliers to ensure the best quality within an acceptable cost structure. Our operations staff is continually being evaluated according to the JT Cleaning system. Compliance with industry cleaning standards is not negotiable and our regular operational visits ensure that this quality is maintained. Cleaning services in Randburg we offer window cleaning in Randburg, Office cleaning in Randburg moving in-out cleaning.

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